TRUMP 2024 – Liberals Worst Nightmare

Socialism is not the Answer

Flopping Aces

by Larry Brandes

Trump’s private Boeing 757 airplane is currently in the shop getting a spectacular paint job and some new Rolls-Royce engines. The Democrats are in a panic mode. Trump 1.0 was a blessing for America and all the God-fearing, Bible reading, gun toting patriots spread from sea to shining sea. Trump 2.0 in 2024 will make America great again after the disastrous quasi presidency of Joe Biden and his sidekick snarky Harris.

Can you imagine Trump 2.0? During his first presidency he assumed that both parties and the media would totally support his efforts to make American great. I think that he was genuinely surprised when cowardly, rabid, hyenas from both parties aided and abetted by a hostile media attacked him before he and his lovely wife got off the escalator in Trump Tower. They hated Trump with so much intensity that they poisoned their own…

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