Sue Lyon and the Face of Race Mixing

Johnny Dissidence

There’s an interesting side story to the other day’s post on “The Flim Flam Man.”  Like many men, I was quite interested in the Aryan woman I saw, Sue Lyon.  After I had first seen the movie, I did a little research.  You can imagine my horror when I learned that she defiled her race and her heritage, back when it was still unacceptable, in 1970.

The shine-ape in the topmost picture is Roland Harrison, a photographer and football coach.  All of her beauty and wonder disappeared for me when I learned of her mixing.

Maybe some people, even WNs think I’m being too hard on her.   We are at the point today where the white race is on the ropes, facing extinction in the forseable future.   It’s in the air right now.  Within the next two decades, we’ll be a minority in North America.  Programs discriminating against us are increasing…

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